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My goal at Be the Boss Dog Training is to empower you to build a better relationship with your dog. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like me to make a video on any issue you are struggling with by clicking here.

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Teaching place

Place is THE most important command at our house.  It keeps them from running out the door, eating things off the floor as I cook....and especially jumping on people who come inside.  It's one of the first commands I teach.  Reduce your stress today!

Teaching Heel

A great heel keeps everyone safe!  When your dog pulls it can cause damage to your arm and shoulder and damage to the dog's neck and torso. Never mind the embarrassment that can be felt when you can't stop and talk to your neighbors peacefully.  Teach them a great heel in no time!

Stop jumping

Jumping is not only an annoying behavior it can be extremely dangerous. Though it may be flattering that your dog is excited to see's not flattering to your 2-year old if he's knocked down...or your grandma as she's coming in the door.  

Teaching threshold

Your dog running out the door every time it opens is one of the most dangerous issues a pet owner faces. Don't let your pet suffer the pain of recovery from being hit by a car or worse....lost and then turned into a shelter and maybe even put down.   Teach threshold today!


Don't run out the door!

It only takes a matter of seconds for your dog to get hit by a car after they run out the front door. Teach your dog that it is their job to stay inside the house while the door is open. This command strengthens the communication bond between you and your furry friend, and helps keep them safe from passing cars. It's your dog's job to be polite!

Learning to be polite

Getting knocked down when trying to get into or out of the house is not a pleasant experience and can even be dangerous.  Teaching your dog to respect the threshold of the door is paramount in building your relationship.  Requiring your dogs to obey you at the house door will translate into obedience at the car door and even the crate door.