dog training utah county orem questions

Can your training help my dog?

If your dog is displaying behavior like: jumping on people, barking, lunging, pulling on the leash, whining/destroying the crate, nervousness, anxiety, biting and nipping...then my training is right for you. We are able to assess, diagnose, and start your dog on the road to recovery in just one session!


Can you really fix a behavior in one session?

Absolutely! Generally speaking, behavior problems are a miscommunication between the owner and their dog. Teaching the owner how to talk to their dog, and teaching the dog how to listen, is my specialty. 

However, if the home work is not done, than the change in behavior will be brief, habits will not be formed, and dog and owner will revert back to their previous communication style. 


Why is it that other trainers tell me I need weeks to fix a behavior, and lots of sessions?

Some training styles take weeks and weeks of practice, repetition, consistency, and still have certain limitations. Knowing your time (and your dog!) are valuable, I teach humane, effective ways to permanently erase bad behavior and teach good behavior.

And the best part?... you can have it all off leash! How cool is that!? 


How come you are so inexpensive?

With market value for training packages going for $600+ I know that some people are not able to afford those prices. With low overhead, and a passion for this work, I believe people deserve to live with their dogs in love. With over 5 million dogs per year being killed in shelters, let's not let price get in the way of a dog's life.


Other companies offer guarantees even though they are more expensive. Wouldn't I be better off going to one of them?

Most guarantees are voided if homework is not followed to the letter of the law. I frequently visit clients who still have "guarantees" with other trainers. The reason? They stopped calling the trainer after 1 or 2 follow-up sessions when it becomes painfully obvious that it was the training that was not working...not the client's efforts.

Our business name and integrity are first class...we will never leave you "high and dry".


What training methods do you use?

I use everything from food, different varieties of leashes, training collars and electronic collars. I believe in listening to the dog, and letting them tell me what training tool is needed. I don't believe a clicker is all it takes to stop a biting dog, but I will never use domination methods like pinning a dog to the ground, or being abusive. 

Because each dog, home, and owner are unique there is no "one size fits all" program. I treat each dog as if they were my own, and customize a plan accordingly.


Have you ever had a failure or come upon a dog you couldn't fix?

No, I have not. I will not make promises that I can not keep. I work closely in conjunction with my professional colleagues, and feel comfortable giving referrals when a dog is out of my skill level. If we reach a point in training where I will not be able to train any further, an assessment is done of the completed training, and a compensatory refund will be given.


So, are you like The Dog Whisperer?

While our philosophy on the importance of communication is very similar, I use methods based on my experience when approaching each unique dog. I do produce the same instant results, though the journey may differ from The Dog Whisperer. If I could sum up my training philosophy in 2 words those would be "love" and "leadership".