We offer the best and most convenient form of training. 

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What we were taught actually works!

You really gave ME the knowledge to train Harlee. This program is amazing.
— Marci/Harlee

Private Lessons & Day Training


Benefits include:


Socialization, potty breaks and outdoor play sessions


Hours of on-site training for a great start to commands


One-on-one personal training session 


Support for any after-training questions via video chat sessions

Why stress about the time and energy it will take to train your dog? With our convenient program you can drop your dog off in the morning and pick them up in the evening. Each day of training includes a personal coaching session so you can be the trainer at home.

What commands do our day training dogs learn?

  • be calm in the crate

  • go in and out of the crate politely

  • stay on their dog bed

  • no running out the front door

  • no begging

  • no jumping

  • no lunging on the leash

  • no barking at other dogs or people on a walk

  • no nipping at hands or faces

  • ....and more!

Just because you have a busy schedule does not mean you need to stress about dog training. Let us provide you with the relief and support you need so you can be proud of your dog again!

*We reserve the right to deny day training at our discretion. Price of training is to be determined at time of evaluation. Some lessons may be more due to dangerous behaviors.