Allie is doing amazing at the “here” command. She didn’t even acknowledge two dogs or a bunch of people walking by. She also would look at me when my younger boys called her, asking for permission to run to them! Then she stayed right by us and completely relaxed in the grass and earned some good tummy rubs! Yay!! We are so happy!
— Katie/Allie, Husky mix



Come to our home so we can meet you! The evaluation lasts 30 minutes and is a great chance for us to meet you and your pup. We go over the training tools that work best for your dog, as well as answer any questions you may have about the training process.

Training Equipment

Because we let the dog tell us what works best for them we use a variety of training tools in this program. Any training collars we use in basic training are included in the price of the package.

3 Lessons

Our program consists of one lesson per week for 3 weeks. For each lesson you are welcomed into our home for 30-60 minutes.

We call ourselves dog trainers…but we are really human trainers! All of our clients leave each lesson with the confidence to know they can handle any situation with their dog.

With our guidance and continued support, we give you the knowledge and the skills to train your pup for the rest of their life!

What will your dog learn?

  • Be calm in the crate

  • Stay on their dog bed

  • Walk nicely on a leash

  • No running out the front door

  • No jumping

  • No barking at other dogs or people

  • No nipping at hands or faces

    ...and more!

Free Follow-up Lesson

Did you know that cute little puppies can turn into canine teenagers? For any new behaviors that you experience after training is concluded please feel free to come back for a free tune-up lesson!

*We reserve the right to deny training to any one for any reason. We offer in-home dog training lessons for an extra fee. Please contact us regarding multiple dog pricing.