You Don't Even Have a Dog Yet, and You've Already Made Your First Mistake

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Have you thought about getting a dog for your family? Is it still just a thought in your mind, or have you discussed it openly? Perhaps you've already made a trip to the shelter but haven't found the dog you're looking for yet.

Stop! You've already made your first mistake.

So many people have a breed already picked out that they are interested in. These days huskies seem to be super popular, as well as German shepherds. The mistake you are making? 

You are picking out a breed that you want PROBABLY based on the dog's looks. You see that breed on movies, or your friend might have one, and they just LOOK cool....or cute...or cuddly. Don't deny it. I know what you're thinking...because I used to be in your shoes.

Instead of deciding on what kind of dog you want based on their looks...change your perspective. What kind of dog is going to be good for YOUR family? 

Are you active? Do you travel? Do you work full-time? How much time and energy do you want to dedicate towards training? Who's going to be responsible for the dog?....let me ask that last question again. Who is REALLY going to be responsible for the dog?

I run across people owning German Shepherds who live in apartments. Or people who have a husky because they wanted an emotional support dog. Think about what I do for a living. If I'm in your home, it's not because everything is hunky dory.

And while there are people who can appropriately take care of German shepherds in apartments...and have huskies for an emotional support animal...they are FEW and far between. The exception more than the rule.

So...when you are going to make that big leap and get a dog, remember this. 

Your dog is going to be a guest in your home for 12 years. What kind of guest do you want? A guest that parties all the time and you have to lay down strict rules and structure in order to exist together? Or a best friend that has your same standards, and loves to do the same things you do?

Take a some research. Decide what's best for your family.

Skip the rowdy trouble-making guest...and spend 12 years with your new best friend!

Thanks for reading!



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