Why I Used to Feel Guilty During Summer

dog obedience training orem grass summer

The sun was finally shining...tan lines were starting to appear...I could hear kids playing in the park...and yet I would feel guilty. Kind of a strange reaction...right? 

Why would I feel guilty? I felt guilty because I couldn't take my dogs out to the park and enjoy the sunshine with them.

If I tied them up to a nearby tree, they would just bark and lunge at any person, dog, or object that came near them. I would be apologizing the whole time they were with me. I couldn't relax, because what if they managed to get out of their harness? They would bolt, and it would take hours to track them down and get them back...if they didn't get hit by a car first.

Keeping them in a hot car was not an option...obviously...so they would stay home, and in their crate, while the whole family would go on picnics, or up the canyon without them. Yup...I would feel guilty.

How do I feel now? Absolutely excited, proud, and so happy that they can come with me almost anywhere! After teaching them a simple "lay down and be calm" command, they can come with me up the canyon, to a park with my friends, and even hang out in the front yard as my friends grill on the BBQ.

I plan on enjoying this summer...guilt free! 

To learn the "lay down and be calm command" check it out here in my self-help videos. It's called the "place" command.

Thanks for reading!