Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe at the Dog Park

dog park training orem play

Guess what just opened today? The new dog park in Orem! Here are 3 ways to keep your pup safe in all the chaos:

1. Check out the dogs before entering

Sometimes the dog park might not be safe for your dog. Take the time to walk the fence (outside the park) to check out what kind of dogs are in there. Make sure you don't see any pushy, rude, or aggressive dogs. If you see these types of dogs wait until they leave before entering. It's not worth the dog fight, or your dog being bullied.

2. Put your cell phone away

Believe it or not, some people let their dogs loose in the dog park and then stick their heads in their cell phones. By not watching your dog, you can't see if your dog is being bullied, or if your dog is doing the bullying. What if your dog is in a situation and they need your help? Keep your eyes and ears open, and on your dog.

3. Leave if you need to

You always have the option to leave...the dog park will still be there another day. If another dog is too aggressive or pushy to your dog..just leave. Don't try and moderate the situation and hope that the negative interaction won't happen again. Take your dog outside the park and wait for the other owner/dog to leave...or just come back next week. Your dog will thank you.

Hope these tips help...and have a fun day at the park!



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