Is Your Dog Obedient Inside the Home, but Not Outside?

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You have a great dog. He listens to you. He comes when you call. And he stops bad behavior when you ask...inside the house. have a regular Mr. Hyde. You can't make it around the block without your furry friend barking at other dogs, completely ignoring you, and even running away if you let him off the leash.

But why is this?

Ready for the answer? Here it is...every distraction outside your home is just more valuable to your dog than you are. The neighbor dog is just more exciting than the biscuit in your hand, or the tug on the collar. The smells of the park are just more intriguing than your voice calling to come back.

Your dog is obedient enough not to run away, or bite other dogs or people. But he'll only come back to you when he's good and ready, or he'll stop barking at the other dog when you become more valuable to him than the rush of excitement. 

Some people say use tools, some will say use themselves, those items are not going to solve your problem. Training will solve your problem...not just tools and treats. When you find a trainer that's knowledgeable, that you like and trust, they may use tools or they may use treats. Great! But remember, it's going to be how you communicate with your dog that will help them listen.

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