In Denial About Your Big But?

dog butt denial lessons utah

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, folks. This last weekend I had the opportunity to utilize a booth at the UVU Home Expo, and I was surprised at the most common phrase I heard from dog owners.  By the end of the second day I was able to finish my customer's sentences.  Here it is.

Customer walks up to booth.  

Me: "Hi! Do you have any questions about dog training for me today?"

Customer: "Not really.  My dog is the most well-behaved dog you will ever see. He doesn't bite, or dig up the yard.  He loves to sleep on my lap...."  

Me: "Buuuut...?" (The BIG but)

Customer: "He barks at the door and jumps on people when I have guests."

There it is folks.  The big but. Yes, I absolutely will agree with you when you say your dog has mostly great behavior. But please don't call your dog the most well-behaved when they have a dangerous behavior like jumping...or an anxiety-driven behavior like barking...or when they won't come when you call them.

I've been where you are, folks. I don't judge. I don't condemn. I help and empower people.  After all, ask me how my dogs used to be! 

Everybody has a dog with bad behavior. Yes, even dog trainers! But please don't tell me your dog is the most well-behaved dog in the world if you have a big but. I won't buy it.

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