I Stopped Telling People How to Live Their Lives...and Guess What Happened?

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Recently, I made the decision to stop telling people how they should live their lives. Whether it was about what restaurant they should eat at, or what kind of phone they should get next...I just stopped voicing my opinion and assuming it was the best one.

And more importantly, I made an effort to stop talking about other people, and my opinions about their life, to my husband. Most people are kind enough not to be mean in public...but what do you say about other people to your spouse...or best friend?

An amazing thing happens when you stop spouting your opinion so loudly...you are actually able to hear other people speak. Crazy...right!?

And how about this...I started to learn to actually LOVE people. When I was able to listen to them, I realized that they are similar to me. Living in a crazy world just trying to do the best they can.

It was easier to give people the benefit of the doubt, and easier to see what they meant...not necessarily just the words. 

And when I did speak up and talk with other people, I SHARED things about my life that made me happy. I shared what was working for me, and why I felt satisfied or why I wanted to change things. 

I developed a connection with people instead of a one-way megaphone. 

The judgement of other people stopped. The belittling, and the gossiping to my husband stopped.

Being in the dog training world it's easy to point the finger at owners and think "if only they loved their dog they would do this, or do that". 

When I stopped my overbearing opinion and listened to the people around me, and experienced the joy that playing with your dog can bring (even IF it's not perfectly trained)...life became much sweeter.

So...if you want to experience joy with others, and increased love for your fellowman...stop before you voice an opinion, and ask "Would it be better for me to listen instead?"

Thanks for reading!



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