How to Stop Your Dog From Being Aggressive

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It can be a scary thing to watch your dog bite a person. Emotions run high and you can be overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and shame. So what can you do about it? Here are 2 things to get you started on the right track. 

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1. Contain Your Dog

Unfortunately, you probably don't want to hear this piece of advice. However, until you are able to seek help for your dog, keeping them away from the situation in which they are prone to bite is necessary.

If your dog bites strange men, then you will need to crate them when you have guests over, or be vigilant on your daily walk if strange men approach you.

Trust me, containing your dog in the short term will save its life in the long term.

2. Hold Your Dog Accountable

What!? Holding my dog accountable doesn't sound like it can help with the biting. It sure does! I'll explain.

When I say "hold your dog accountable" I mean, if you tell your dog to "sit", then make sure they sit. If you tell them "down" then make sure they get down. If you say "no jumping" then they need to stop the jumping.

By following through and enforcing obedience commands you are teaching them "your house, your rules". Your dog's need to protect you and your home will diminish as they gain respect for you. You can protect yourself and your don't need their help.

I hope this helps! Here's the link again to my self-help videos to kickstart your success.

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