Are You Living With a Doggie Trump?

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There's a never-ending supply of coverage reflecting what our POTUS has done, is doing, or predictions on what the heck he'll do next. got me thinking. With all the hullabaloo about our you know who's running YOUR house?

Is your lovable, furry family member unpredictable? Are they capable of exercising restraint in excitable situations?

Does your dog know how to GREET people properly?

If they failed any of the above questions you are probably living with a doggie Trump. Your household may, or may not be containing the chaos of your dog's decisions.

Dogs need to be told what is and is not acceptable. They need to be guided in proper etiquette. They need to exercise restraint for the good of small children in the home.

The sad truth is, most people overlook bad behavior because their dog promises them unconditional love, and untold hours of cuteness.

No dog gets a free pass. Even if your dog knows 50 tricks...if bad behavior isn't stopped they are still given an unceremonious boot from the house (not unlike a recent press secretary in the news).

So...take control of your home and drain the "swamp" of jumping, barking, and nipping.

Love your dog by teaching them how to act around your family. Give them guidelines and structure so they are not making unwanted executive orders.

Here are some self-help videos to get started.

Thanks for reading! 



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