Your Dog Has No Morals

Just because you treat your dog with love and courtesy doesn't mean you'll get the same in return.  In'll get the complete opposite.

If you aren't going to read any farther than this...remember this one rule: Don't treat your dog like a human.  We, as loving and caring pet owners, think "I wouldn't want that done to I won't do that to my poor (insert-name-here)".


Meaning, if you give them the courtesy of having the run of the house while you're away, it doesn't mean he's going to return the courtesy by being polite.  If your dog has not been trained in polite behavior in the home, your dog will have a field day in the house.  He's thinking "I have the whole house as my play toy! I can rip up books! Chew Mom's new shoes! Bark at the cat out the window! Pee on the carpet! And (insert your bad dog behavior here!)

Dogs will get away with, what they can get away with.  And with no etiquette training a dog will do whatever comes into his mind.  A dog with no training and no consequences will make bad decisions.  And those bad decisions can cost the dog its' life. 

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