2 Tips to Boost Your Relationship With Your Dog

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Have a great relationship with your dog but want to take it to the next level? Here are 2 ways to boost your relationship with your dog.

#1 - Playtime with your dog!

Get some structured playtime in. Instead of having your dog just run around the backyard, buy a tennis ball and play fetch...or get a rope toy and play tug-of-war with your furry friend.

You can also use playtime as training time...practice calling your dog to you when they are running around the backyard. This is real-world training to help your dog come when you call. Commands like sit, down, and stay are all great to practice while the dog is playing.

#2 - Rules and Boundaries

Just like human children, dogs feel safer and more secure when they know what is expected of them. Figure out what rules you want to establish in your home...and then teach your pup to obey them.

Here are some rules I've implemented in my home:

  • Waiting for food
  • Being calm in the crate
  • No jumping on people
  • Sitting before they enter/exit the home

Your rules will probably look different...but all rules will help your dog learn to respect you, and love you more.

Thanks for reading!



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