1 Free Tip so You Won't Need a Dog Trainer

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I give this tip away for free when I talk to a potential client. I give this tip away for free when I meet people for evaluations. And I give this tip away for free in blog articles like this one. 

Are you listening? I GUARANTEE this will change your whole world with your dog.

CRATE YOUR DOG. Wait...what? That sounds too simple. How will crating my dog make me not need a dog trainer?

Here are two things that happen when you crate your dog (though there are many more):

  1. By restricting their movement your dog learns to relax

  2. By not letting your dog roam throughout the house they learn boundaries and are kept safe.

A calm dog does not bark, bite, jump and cause you stress by being a nuisance. A contained dog is a safe dog. They do not chew up socks, furniture, or poop and pee in the house. Did you know that barking, biting, potty training and calming hyper dogs IS MY WHOLE BUSINESS?

If people crated their dogs more, I wouldn't be needed...well, mostly needed. Ha ha.

Try it in faith and see what happens. You will join the rest of my clients in wondering in amazement why they did not try this before. You will be amazed and astounded at what other nonsense behaviors will disappear as well. It is the best magic trick in the books!

You got this. You are an amazing dog owner and you want what is best for you pup. Love your dog even more by crating them. 

If you need any crate training tips for a rambunctious dog please contact me here.

Thanks for reading!



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