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As Chief Executive Officer (and Head Trainer) at Be the Boss Dog Training you'll be seeing my friendly face first.

With a passion and skill for this work, I am the engine that drives this business forward.

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Sidney is our Chief Strategy Officer. He works behind the scenes with a logical perspective. With his level head and good business sense, the sky is the limit!

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Don't be fooled by his happy-go-lucky nature. Carbon is our Chief Entertainment Officer, and provides much needed laughter to our busy days.




K'ehleyr is the reason our business began. She is our Chief Innovation Officer. With her hard-driving personality, and need for excellence, she keeps us motivated and looking to the future!

dog training obedience utah county orem trainer



My Story

My story began with my 2 personal dogs. When I say "I feel your pain," it is not just a generic statement. My dogs lunged at other dogs on walks, jumped out car windows on the freeway, grabbed food off the table, jumped on guests, barked at the door, and yes...even attacked other dogs.  

Our dogs quickly became "house dogs" and they were only allowed outside at my mother's backyard, and only once a week. I felt ashamed and guilty, but what could I do?

Once our german shepherd started attacking other dogs I knew I had to do something and quickly. Luckily, I found a a dog trainer who was compassionate, caring, and used the correct tools to help me communicate with my dogs.

I remember returning from a walk with my dogs for the first time without them lunging and barking at everything that moved...I sat on my doorstep and cried. What sweet relief! 

With my continued effort, and diligently doing my homework, by dogs blossomed! I always knew my dogs had their own personality...but wow!...when I gave them structure and held them accountable, all the chaos fell aside and my dog's personalities came shining through!

I will feel forever grateful and blessed that I put in the hard work to have a fulfilling relationship with my dogs.

dog training obedience utah county orem trainer
dog training obedience utah county orem trainer
dog training obedience utah county orem trainer