Our story began with two dogs.  Personal dogs that desperately needed some help.  When we say "we feel your pain" it is not just a generic statement.  These two dogs lunged at other dogs on the leash, jumped out car windows on the freeway and yes...even attacked other dogs.  Not to mention the whining, anxiety and host of other bad behaviors in the home.

Not to worry! The story doesn't end there.  The owners of these lovable monsters decided to get help.  Sound familiar to what you are going through?  As time passed our dogs became happy and mentally healthy with the structure, discipline and communication we gave them.

Be the Boss Dog Training was started out of a passion that grew from seeing what a healthy relationship with your pet can really be.  From the chaos and stress of an unstructured home...to the calm, happy and relaxed pet in a disciplined home the beginnings of a business was born!

What we have obtained through experience we share with other people. We have seen their dogs (and the humans!) blossom and grow as well.

Thank you for starting your journey today and joining us!