Feeling a little overwhelmed or frustrated with your furry friend?

Looking for some basic puppy training?

Or need help with barking, lunging and nipping?

We can help!

We know you love your dog and puppy and want to have a happy life with them.

It doesn’t take long to have an obedient dog that you can take anywhere.

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It's amazing to go from the worst-behaved dog in the neighborhood to the best! We were walking by other dogs and he didn't even pull or bark. This program is worth a million dollars!

Aspen & Goose


Dog Training

Puppy Training

With our obedience program we will help your dog with the following:

  • Potty training puppies

  • Coming when called

  • Staying

  • Chewing on furniture

  • Stealing food and clothes

  • Crate training

  • Begging

  • Nipping or mouthing on kids or adults

  • Dog barking

  • Jumping up and being too excited

  • Anxiety

By the time our clients are reading this sentence they have watched YouTube videos, read do-it-yourself dog training and books, and some of them have even gone through other puppy and dog training programs.

We are here to say that you have finally come to the spot where the dog training actually works.

Changing a dog’s behavior is fairly simple, but you have to know how a dog speaks. A dog’s language is very simple. It feels good…they keep doing it, it doesn’t feel good…they don’t do it.

Society today gives the well-intentioned (but dangerously misinformed notion) that you just give your puppy and dog lots of love and affection and things should be hunky dory.

Dogs are not human beings and we should not disrespect them by treating them as such. Dogs need structure, leadership and boundaries as well as affection. If any of these items are missing your dog will not be well-balanced.

Most dogs that come to us are unbalanced. They have too much unearned affection and freedom, and not enough structure.

A lot of my clients wonder “Will I be able to give my dog affection?” And our answer is “Yes, of course you can! Let us show you how to give appropriate affection, structure, leadership and boundaries. That way you can have a great relationship with your dog for the rest of their life.”

Don’t put off dog training or puppy training any longer. As you learn how to train your dog you will be amazed at how simple it can really be!

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My husband wanted to give Carmel away when we first got her. Now we have a dog that doesn’t bark anymore and is calm with guests over. Worth every penny!

Niki & Carmel



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Need obedience training?

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